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Capital Structure

Comwest Enterprise Corp. owns a 90% limited partnership interest in Peerless Garments LP ("Peerless") and a 100% equity interest in Unisync Group Limited ("Unisync").

Founded in 1941 as a supplier of basic parkas, Peerless has evolved over the years to a garment manufacturer and importer specializing in the production and distribution of highly technical protective garments designed to provide water-resistance, windproofing and warmth. Peerless is licensed to use Gore-Tex ® fabrics including Wind-Stopper® and other work wear materials and has been a supplier to the Canadian Forces since the early 1950s. Its line of military operational clothing aims to reduce detection through camouflage and concealment while ensuring that soldiers are kept warm, dry and comfortable when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Peerless also produces tactical garments made of fire-resistant, anti-static and chemical warfare protective materials. Government business represents over 80% of Peerless’ revenue with the remaining revenue coming from sales to other Canadian government agencies, retailers, and other smaller customers including customers in the oil & gas industry. Peerless manufactures, sells, and imports garments in Canada. Its products include work wear, four season jackets, cold/wet weather outer wear, spring wear, leather and stroller jackets for men, leather jackets for ladies, club and wildlife jackets, and leather skins. The company also offers technical garments, which provide water-resistance, wind-proofing, and warmth. It serves organizations with workforces in the outdoors; government organizations, including the armed forces, parks and forestry staff, RCMP; and employees in transit, utilities, and airline industries. The company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Unisync was purchased in June 2014 from Kilmer Capital Fund L.P., a private equity fund sponsored by well-known Canadian entrepreneur Larry Tanenbaum.  Unisync has a highly attractive customer base of leading corporations and is an 11-time winner of the North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributers (“NAUMD”) “Image of the Year” Award for leadership in product design. The award is the industry’s highest achievement and is selected by an independent panel of judges representing the fashion industry's most celebrated designers, journalists and fashion authorities.  Unisync’s head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, with a 100,000 square foot world-class distribution centre located in Guelph, Ontario and a satellite distribution facility and sales office in Calgary.  Its unique multi-station “pick-to-light” carousel system efficiently handles large distribution volumes in a cost effective manner. Unisync also provides a state-of-the-art B2B ordering system with maximum flexibility for ordering processes including employee “kitting” and a “Best Fit” technology ensuring garments fit right the first time thus minimizing returns and exchanges. These core capabilities combined with extensive reporting capabilities for corporate clients, have been a major contributor in securing multi-year agreements with many major Canadian corporations.


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